Tuesday, 30 December 2014

New Year

The coming year will undoubtedly bring more, possibly violent far-right activity. In light of the Lindt incident we need to especially be vigilant of 'Oi Oi Oi' types such as the ADL and their brain dead ilk making attempted attacks on areas where Middle Eastern people live and assemble, though this was tried by them in Sydney with hilarious results. As anti fascists in the Northern suburbs, especially around the Preston mosque, we need to be at the ready to be on the frontline and hit back.

It has also been confirmed that with imminent Greek elections, the Hellenic Nazis over at Golden Dawn are attempting to ramp up activity in Melbourne. Again, with a huge Greek community in the North, we will be ready to disrupt any attempted GD event by any and every means possible.

In addition to this, local boneheads are always looking for opportunities to pick on those smaller than them or those smaller in number than them, so it's as vital as ever we continue to instill the fear in them that they aim to instill in our communities.

Have a good new year and continue to fight the good fight.

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