Wednesday, 4 February 2015

'Reclaim Australia'

On the 4th of April, a bunch of racists of the anti-Islam variety (anti-brown people) are throwing a nationwide series of rallies called 'Reclaim Australia.

The whole thing has been set up by the self-proclaimed 'Great Aussie Patriot' (yes, he's actually fair dinkum). His real name is even funnier, Shermon Burgess.

Old mate Shermanator is a long time ADL type, plays in hate-rock band 'Eureka Brigade', has links to neo-nazi group 'Squadron 88' and has a long history of general online racist fuckwittery expressed in videos in which he plays dinky-di dress ups in his mothers basement.

April the 4th is the time for Australian antifa to really put up or shut up. It's time for us to really enforce the no platform policy.

Anyone who rolls up the shrine on April the 4th with the intent of 'Reclaiming Australia' (btw, how do you reclaim something that isn't yours) is going to be shown in no uncertain terms that there's no room for this bullshit in our society. They'll run back into their dingy racist hovels and retirement homes

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