Sunday, 22 March 2015

Poor old Patrick.

Have a look at this screencap from the Patrick O'Sullivan run 'Combat 18 Australia' FB page. Despite there being at least 20 witnesses to Paddy getting the old lemon and sars from the Bendigo Hotel for handing out material promoting the 'Reclaim Australia' rallies, he strenuously denies any previous involvement with Shermon's crew. 

He's obviously embarrassed at being dropped like a hot spud by the now utterly discredited Burgess. It's known Burgess has no aversion to working with nutzis, his number one comrades in arms are the NatAlt splitters down at NRG. Patrick is obviously recognized by the anti-Islam racists as a nut now, just like he is by all other nazis.

Must feel low being so utterly isolated Paddy. We certainly hope it does.


Anyway, despite these protestations, C18, and all other Melbourne nazis will be present at the racist rallies on April the 4th.

Please turn up to give all in attendance on the other side a swift kick up the arse.

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