Monday, 23 March 2015

Shermon and the Nazis, a love story.

Ever since we can remember, Shermon Burgess (the Great Aussie Patriot) has been vehemently protesting that there is nothing neo-nazi about his half baked 'movement'. Well, here he is shown on his own page no less directly collaborating with the Nationalist Republican Guard.

There really is no point denying that NRG are nazis Shermon. They're a direct splinter of Melbourne's favourite playground fascists in anarchist drag (Nationalist Alternative) and count amongst it's ranks illustrious members such as Richard 'who ate all the pies?' Whelan and serial Rabbi harasser Neil Luke Erikson (who is a West Heidelberg resident by the way).

At worst this makes you a nazi, Shermon. At best this makes you, and your followers who will roll up on the 4th collaborators.

Historically they get treated the same.

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